Here’s something I’ve been recently struggling with – it’s trying to plan out everything on my personal feed I may be working on different projects and jumping from one client to another probably making an interesting number of social media plans and campaigns. But I have no time to really work on my feed but let me tell you some of my personal tips that help me filter out what really needs to go up on my feed and what doesn’t.

This is KEY – try to plan out your posts ahead of time, Take a few steps back before planning your content, think about what you want to share with your followers and accordingly plan your content.

Natural light is your BFF,
Lighting is everything – if your photo has terrible lighting no amount of filters or even editing apps will help you save your photo. Natural light will always gives you a better chance to take good pictures so no matter where you are that is outdoors or indoors or even at different times of the day (early morning, late evenings or overcast days) you can still shoot and come back with some quality photos ready for posting.

Don’t over- edit your pictures,
Generally, Instagram edits alone are not enough to get the Perfect Insta-worthy picture. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t a professional photographer or and editing expert you can always download a third-party app – that will help you enhance the quality of the pictures even the colors, increase exposure – you name it they’ve got it! There are plenty of free apps like Adobe Photoshop, Polarr, Lightroom, Visco etc.

Likes are for fools,
Try not to get hung up on the concept of more likes is always better. Try to be calm, observe and find something you like. Don’t be fooled by what the community thinks looks good or what photos get the most likes. This just means you’ll end up going after ordinary visuals even though your talents may lie somewhere else.