About US


Just Wow Qatar is an Italian Digital Marketing Agency based in Doha.
We can’t stop researching.
We can’t stop creating.
We can’t stop striving for the best.
We share our knowledge.
We support young talent.
We root in our Italian heritage.
We want you to achieve the impossible.
We aim to WOW our clients.


CEO & Co-founder

Instagram expert, speaker, strategist.


CEO & Co-founder

Your focus give me some ideas.


Web & Funnel Strategist

International Web & Funnel Strategist.

Social Media

If you dream it… we plan it!
We help you develop a strategy to maximize the potential of your platforms and reach your target (in style!).

Brand Identity

You’ve got an idea, but you can’t quite picture it, and you need guidance. Or, rather, your brand needs some fresh paint. We’ll help you make it “just wow”!


Our mission is making sure that whatever goes on your platform represents you in a meaningful, beautiful and curated way.

Web Development

Creating an easy user experience is essential to have a website that converts leads.
Yes, we speak money!

Funnel Strategies

How to increase your sales?
Funnel strategies and the right platforms are all you need! We are experts in configuring and improving them!


Get the right audience for your campaigns!
We create, optimize, target and keep track of the results of your sponsored campaigns, helping you to reach your goal. (Yes, we speak ROI)


Selling online ain’t easy!
E-Commerce strategies and other skills are required to improve your online selling.


Really? A robot selling on your behalf? YES!
A chatbot is the most powerful tool a business can use to improve automate sales.

Workshops & training

We believe in sharing knowledge. We periodically prepare workshops for individuals or small businesses at different levels (beginner/advanced) to help them through their digital journey.
It’s a pretty awesome ride so far, you know?
Lia Bonfio – CEO