One of the excuses I hear the most / one of the questions I am most frequently asked are:

How much did you invest in your equipment? I don’t have money to invest in a decent equipment. Do you have a professional photographer always behind you? I can’t afford it. Do you take your pictures yourself? I’m not able.

What if I tell you that: NO, I didn’t invest any fortune in my equipment

NO, I don’t have a photographer following me even in my bathroom (and NO, my husband is not accountable as a photographer. AT ALL.)

YES, I take my on pictures with my phone, because I want my contents to be exactly
the way I imagined them and I’m not a professional photographer/videographer –
and I’ll never ever claim it.

What I’m trying to say is:

YOU DON’T NEED A POOL OF GOLDEN COINS to get the necessary to feed your gram with dazzling pics. I started this when I was broke AF and even now I can’t afford to build a studio of my own (YET!), so the budget-solutions are and will always be my favorite choice!

Here a bunch of tools that will help you in your phoneographer insta-faceb-pinter-whatev-journey:


Price 3 $

Where to find it? I got it in a dollar store in Qatar. You can also get one from literally any online shop for a ridiculous sum. This weird piece of rubber with an iron soul has been the first random purchase I did for my social media activity, a million years ago. It’s a bit shaky, but still, it’s my good friend when I need to take pics from weird perspectives, or for timelapses or flatlays. I recommend checking the dimension of the clip, before purchasing it. Mine is a bit small and here and then it doesn’t stand, under
the weight of my heavy mobile.


Price: 2-5$

Where to find it? I got it in a dollar store as well. Again, available basically everywhere for literally no money. This little tripod is perfect for table-shots, videos, timelapses. I don’t recommend to use it in any other way. Although the supports are flexible and soft, they are not bendy and strong enough to grant stability in
any other situation but a flat, firm surface.


Price I paid mine 27$ shipment included.

Where to find it ? I found mine on Amazon almost one year ago from now. Funny enough, now I saw it for sale in a luna park kiosk, for 35$. This to say that it’s also very
easy to find. My best friend, Mr Tripod, is my most precious ally. My husband is everything but talented at photographing things. Wife included. So, I have to have my foldable, extra-light tripod to carry around. It weighs around 600 grams. In my super heavy bag, I barely feel it.
I’d recommend a slightly stronger one. Mine is light but, on the other hand, it can lose stability with a blow of wind.


Price 5$

Where to find it ? Amazon, all the way. I got mine included in my order with the tripod.

The remote is the real game changer: it connects via Bluetooth to the phone and it gives you all the freedom to experiment, try poses etc. Mandatory in case of stop-motion videos, if no one is there to help!

Pro tip Set the timer of your phone to snap at least after 3 secs from your click. This way you have the time to quickly hide the remote somewhere!

But remember to count to 5, before changing the set!


Price 1-2$

Where to find it ? Dollar stores! Funny fact, I found mine in a goodie bag from my hairdresser’s. And you would definitely say that! I spend a lot of time on my phone, and it’s not rare that I get my thumb sore at the end of the day. The stylus is not only much handier to save my joints, but it’s very accurate in editing – especially when I cut out
in Photoshop or I correct red eyes or so. A very well invested dollar.



Price  5-12$

Where to find it ? I bought mine on Amazon, but it became quite a popular item in many supermarkets and dollar stores.
Given that I’m not a fan of posting selfies, good old emo-style, I mainly use it for stories or to give a soft light effect in case I am willing to take a close-up of an object. I used it several times also as a prop in some pics, to make some “mystical” light pop up from
an unexpected corner or object (for example, my hands, a bowl, a box…).



Price Starting from 18 $ for the table version, starting from 100$ for the tall one

Where to find it ? I bought it second-hand from a private seller for 130$, just before buying a table-version on Amazon. Also, E-Bay is an option. Pic from the web-

If you have a YouTube channel, I am dead sure you already have it. If not, how the hell do you even manage the lights in your set? I consider it m-a-n-d-a-t-o-r-y (how long to spell) in case you are/you plan to become a video person, even more, a beauty video person.

If not, it’s absolutely necessary also for pictures, especially if, like me, most of the times you are taking snaps indoor, where the daylight goes from meh to neh. Mine (all of them- I’m not that special) has a dimer to regulate the intensity of the light and an orange filter (which I often pull out) to create a cozier atmosphere. I just don’t like
the fact that sometimes the orange film changes some colors, and it’s hard to get them back even with hours of editing.


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