Well, to sum it up they’re strategists, copywriters, videographers/photographers, graphic designers, customer service rep’s, etc. Speaking from a social media manager’s POV I think it’s MUCH more than that! Day 1 you will be making content plans for clients and day 42 you probably will be drawing a storyboard for an upcoming video shoot so we’re multitaskers.

Here are a few skills you require in 2019 as a social media manager,

Copywriting is a tool that comes into handy. As a social media manager, you do a lot of writing whether it is on creatives or visuals. Your writing/text requires to be engaging, effective and there is a need lock in your customer in the first few seconds or else they’ve moved to the next post. Learning the different tones online is also key as each social media platform works on different principles like e.g., Linkedin requires you to be more professional while on Facebook it’s more fun and quirky.

Creative thinking helps social media managers in all ways, whether it is to develop innovate online campaigns or creating content that is visually appealing and effective.

Social media managers have evolved over the years and have moved towards content that mainly uses images/videos to help customers consume content at a much faster pace. Basic graphic designing skills are required as a social media manager whether it is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign or even the most basic that would be Canva. This would help you be more self-sufficient and less dependent on your graphic designer.

Photography/Videography skills help you in the long run on social media, the process helps you understand what is required from your end to get to your final product. E.g., If your client requires food photography – it’s always better to know how it’s done. This will help you understand what you need to keep in my mind to get to your final product.