I’m a part of the so-called “GEN Z”, well honestly I have no idea what the average kid born in the early 2000s do for fun or even watch on Netflix. Like the average twenty-one-year-old and I have no idea what even Tik Tok is, but I did a bit of research and let me drop some knowledge on you. 

Tik Tok the Chinese mobile app previously called Douyin, was only available in China before it was bought and merged with Musical.ly in 2018. This meant it directly caught the eyes of American teenagers. The idea was to create short vertical videos with popular soundtracks. Videos are around 15 seconds and it offers filters and AR options to make their simple videos look even better. Tik Tok works like all current social media platforms where people can follow accounts or send the videos to each other directly. 

What makes Tik Tok stand out – is it’s editing capabilities that’s what makes it something like a vine which helps users to make cuts and put together bits of video with cinematic effects. Instagram seems to be having some heavy competition from Tik Tok who already has close to 500 users and whose biggest markets are US and China.

At the end of the day, they’re just bitesize videos of users’ lip-syncing and dancing.