Taking the perfect selfie for the gram is everything whether you are an upcoming influencer or just doing it for the likes. Everyone likes to be on fleek, so we’ve put together a list of tips to help you take the best selfies for the gram! 

1. Natural Lighting is Key 

Selfies are always better with natural lighting as it gives you a wonderful radiant glow. Never directly face the sun as it casts shadows on your face – Do avoid fluorescent lights. Sunrise or sunset is your GOLDEN HOUR to take pictures this when the light just right and beautiful.

 2. Know your angles 

The most common way of taking a selfie is tilting your head and pushing your chin down always seems to work to an extent- but you need to experiment to see which angle will suit you as every face is different and unique in its way. 

3. Mirror Selfies are your best friends 

There are just some days where you aren’t really in a mood for those radiant face selfies but you’re really in love with your look or even just the outfit. On those days mirror selfies or OOTD are your BFFs, these can be super cute and still fit the feel and vibe of your profile. 

4. Over editing it a BIG no

Filters can do ALOT for you, but there’s always something such as too many of them which can be a TAD much. Try to stick to just one filter that goes with your style. Have no shame in using a bit of Photoshop or even Facetune but avoid adding too many filters.