Product placement is also is known as embedded marketing, a simple yet effective marketing method of advertising whereby a company has placed either product or a good where it can be clearly seen during the movie or the tv show.

We’ve been seeing product placement become more and more prevalent on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. As the social media world is evolving on a day to day basis, big corporate brands rely on sharing, promoting and selling their products online as it explores into a new wider target audience. Social media product placement brings the term “social influencer” into place. Social influencers are personalities with a large number of following and reach. Some corporates get in touch with these followers to tap into a new market and boost their brand’s popularity.

Social media influencers don’t necessarily need to be a household name to make an impact on the product placement. Influencers help brands attract to audiences in a more meaningful and effective way.

Influencer marketing can range from shout-outs to your brand to subtle placement of the product in a post or picture while making your marketing strategy you will need to decide what works better for your brand and product. The key is to find the right influencer to represent your product that hits the right target audience with the desired budget. For e.g., Kylie Jenner promoting your line of household products will not appeal to the audience but she will be good to tap into the make up industry.